Behind the scenes…
Trotec lasercutter

Our workshop features a high-end Trotec lasercutter, ready to cut and engrave fast and extremely accurately onto a huge variety of materials.

Our 3D printers and a lot of hand-crafting often play a part in projects too. Oftentimes, it is the right combination of technology, knowledge and machinery that gets you the unique result that you’re looking for. And if it can’t be found in the workshop, a lot of it can be sourced from partners in our network of professionals.

We always have a variety of material in stock, meaning we can make your idea to a shiny prototype in no time at all!

See The Office

Of course, the work doesn’t involve sitting in a workshop, hunched over a worktop 24/7. There is also plenty of designing and thinking to be done!

That’s why we part of the Game Bakery cooperative in Groningen. In this group of small business and professional we work on a host of creative projects, mostly within the games industry. You can always find someone

And when we’re not thinking up curious tools and objects to prototype, boardgames are played and coffees are had by the plenty!