Ornate Engineering takes your challenges and creates uniquely designed, shaped and hand-finished products. Using primarily laser cutting technology, we create everything from delicate wooden puzzles to finely engraved gift boxes and complex tabletop products!

What can lasercutting do?

The options are limitless, but laser cutting/engraving and a healthy dose of creativity are the focus for us. Even there, the list of awesome things to design is endless:

  • Professional or personal (branded)gifts​
  • Engraved prizes and plaques for events
  • 3D or 2D puzzles in unique shapes and function
  • Welcome, name or advertising signage
  • Contact cards and special event cards or hangers
  • Decorative items and artistic pieces
  • Small functional (storage) objects or furniture
  • And loads more!

In many different types of wood, plastics, foam, glass and other materials. Ranging from single prototypes tot small batches.

Lasercut & Handmade

Most of these products are produced with our industrial lasercutter and a certain amount of manual finishing work. A lot can be achieved when you combine graphic and 3D/CAD software with competent design and a creative vision.

Complex 2D shapes can be accurately cut with a laser. Our high end cutter cuts and engraves extremely fine logo’s, mechnical parts or topographical images in no time at all.

Primarily wood is often assembled, sanded and finished to create a polised final product. Combining different materials can yield some really impressive designs too!

Prototyping & Experimentation

At times you might simply have an idea that you might want to explore a little further before comitting. Seeing what production methods might work, what might be a cost-effective solution and what ideas are even realistically feasible in practice, possibly with some tweaking.

For the purposes of prototyping it often depends on what your goals are if you want to assess the pro’s and con’s of different techniques. Designing for your methods and technologies in concept and execution requires knowledge of materials, your productions possibilities and knowledge and input of end users.

Share your idea and I will happily share my experience so we can look and see together how best to bring your idea into the real world!